Travel history shows straight line. How to enable exact path?

Travel history under basic service shows straight line between reported coordinates.

Traval history under exact path follows route snap to roads, as shown below.

To show exact path on the map, you need to subscribe to Real Time Map. Then enable it on your account page.

Exact path provides more accurate travel history and mileage. But it uses more battery in your tracked device. Disable it if you no longer needs it. Exact path is only available for iOS and Android. For Android device, a small FollowMee icon will show up on the top status bar of the target phone as shown below.

Or this silent notification will show up on the lock screen.

You can hide both the icon and notification on the phone settings screen. Go to Settings -> Apps -> FollowMee -> Notification. Disable "Show Status".

There is a small limitation for iOS device. The travel history might miss the exact path of the first few minutes. For example, you leave home to go to work in the morning, the app might not wake up to track until you have gone for several minutes. As a result, you might not see the exact path for these few minutes.

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