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This app is great
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Best of the Best

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Posted: 2015-04-19 09:00:11 PM

I have received an email from a user. This is the review from this user.

This app is great! and not costly. Very accurate, and no long wait times ! I was very impressed with the ability to give the address of the locations throughout the day on demand! If you have any questions about your spouse cheating on you this app is for you! It refreshes even after the phone rebooting! I would recommend this app to anyone with children, espescially teenagers, you can never be too safe, know a days.



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Posted: 2015-04-30 07:08:54 PM

I agree 100% (well except for the cheating spouse, if you have doubts best to change the situation) yet I love this app for my teenage daughter who just got her I said in another thread here in FollowMee driving is a privilege and it is my responsibility to ensure my daughter IS complying with the rules of the road...shows her speed - GREAT feature Dev Team :). Cant say enough good things about this app. VERY cost effective and accurate!!