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Temporary Share / Access
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Posted: 2022-09-02 12:39:25 PM

>>> Not "Temporarily Hide" my device <<<

I''m using Followmee because my wife and I have android/apple, just want to "meet up" at the mall or picnic ... google maps is clunky. Followmee works GREAT! Keep on 100% of time.

Yes, we can share our Followmee access with a third party; a neighbor, or my nephew; that is meeting us at the picnic ... but can we do that with a *TEMPORARY* access code. Just tonight, just once, just the next couple hours? Then stop access.

I don''t want to "hide my phone" (until the end of time). Nor for my neighbor to track me forever, once I give them the public code.

I just want to be able to "Temporarily Share" my wife & I Followmee location ... with a third party, (thru public webpage?) then have that permission expire.

I cant seem to find "temporary share", the opposite of "temporary hide".

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Posted: 2022-11-27 01:41:40 PM

Yes, you can temporarily share your location. On the location share page, you can enable the option "remove this url automatically". Your url will be removed on your specified date. If you want to delete it sooner, you can do so manually on your account page.