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Usng as Taxi Livemap - API Questions
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Posted: 2021-10-31 10:41:45 AM

Hi There,

First: I definetely love the way it works (pretty easy to set up, reasonable fair pricing etcetera)

I tried the demo for a couple days, then switched to the monthly plan instead
but I`m still hesitating to commit to an annual subscription because I do have a few questions unanswered that are important for me.

1.) It said that you are 100% ad free, but I still see the powered by FollowMe link in the pop up, any easy fix here?

2.) About the pop up in general, I don`t really need it and would rather be able to use the customized Pin (replaced it with our vehicles) as a direct link that direct on the drivers minipage, for more details such as drivers phone etcetera.
Is that somehow possible?

3.) This is actually my most important question:
Is there a way I could include the vievers position (they see my map through our website, which has a booking form with Ninjaforms Geolocation plugin installed)

The result I^m hoping to achieve is that a user visites my website and sees all available vehicles on the map, but the map needs to be somehow focussed on visitor location. Then ideally it would show available vehicles with distance related to visitors position:
Vehicle X (12minutes away) Vehicle Y (7minutes away) for example..

4.) The last also very important question to me would be if I somehow could modify the icon based on if a driver is busy perhaps using the SOS button to achieve it?

Example: all drivers started live tracking and appear normal on the map,
now one driver is on a trip and clients need to be able to see that a driver is online but currently busy. It would be also acceptable if not the icon but only the text changes to indicate this.

When a drivers finishes his shift, they just stop tracking and disappear from the map, that already works perfectly, thank you.

I`m not asking you for step by step instructions to solve all those questions, I would possible hire a freelance programmer (including you if interested?) to help achieve it.

If possible, I could switch to annual commitment with Follow Mee.

I appreciate your patience reading my pretty detailed post.
Here is the link to see my website for a better understanding:


currently only 2 drivers, but if I^m sure it will work as described I`m expecting to be around 20-30 vehicles on the map.
(also, will that impact the performance significantly?)


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Posted: 2021-10-31 08:18:36 PM

Thank you for your message and testing.

1) This is our trademark. We don''t consider it as ad.

2) Currently you can only open your url through the info box (popup). You cannot click on the pin icon and direct to your url.

3) No. The map does not get the viewer''s location. For this purpose, the browser has to request permission from the user and this will create complexity to this task.

4) No. There is no way to modify the pin label through the app by the driver.



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Posted: 2021-11-03 03:37:06 AM

Thank you for responding.

1) was explained very well :-) that`s alright

2) since you mentioned "currently" if there was an option to mention Follow Mee in my websites footer or pay extra in return for being able to save one additional click for my clients it would be worth it to me personally.
thank you for considering in future updates.

3) damn... this would be pretty important to me
4) As mentioned my workaround would be that busy drivers click stop tracking / start tracking as a workaround.

Follow Mee, still a a great and valuable product, yet affordable.

Excited to see future updates