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Vehicle Tracking - Additional Tracking Periods Whilst Vehicle Power Off
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Posted: 2016-11-04 02:55:36 AM

Firstly great app! Working very nicely for me so far.

I''''d like the ability whilst in vehicle tracking mode to add additional tracking periods whilst the vehicle power is off. Maybe hourly, 5 hourly etc.

Imagine a scenario where you park your car up and someone uses a Hi-Ab truck to lift your car from a parking space. No power will be initiated and thus you will have no idea of the cars location until such time as someone opens the door and power is activated. By which time it could be in a shipping container and thus zero phone signal & GPS.

It would be great to get hourly updates, when the car is in powered down mode or indeed the option to select hour intervals every hour up to 24 hours. This would have the added benefit of updating the battery status of the phone on a regular basis so you know if its getting too low.

Thanks in Advance.

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Posted: 2016-11-04 09:18:31 PM

This function is already in place. It is called parking track interval. It is set to not tracking by default. But you can set it to other values. When your car is parked, the app continues to track based on this interval.