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Send SMS to get the position and other values
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Posted: 2016-01-25 03:08:24 PM

The new feature would be the ability to read commands via SMS and answer with the position, velocity, etc. It would be useful (and crucial) also when the tracking device gets out of range, without internet connection.


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Posted: 2016-01-25 10:36:48 PM

This is tough to implement. I am not sure if a modern mobile phone would allow a SMS to be routed to the FollowMee app quietly. Plus, it is impossible to send out s SMS without the user intervention. This function is only available in classic Blackberry. But it seems impossible in newer platforms (iOS, Android, WP).



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Very interesting apps ! However I just realized that an internet connection is required to be tracked...
That means if you are doing a trekking in mountain without internet network avaialable, then you can not be followed from followmee.com website by someone else, correct ?

Using SMS to send to the location would be very useful and free (for me at least, while I''m paying for internet connection). It seems feasible, for example with "Locate via SMS" apps that send automaticaly a SMS when a request is received.


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Posted: 2016-06-04 04:33:49 PM

@C.fosch, if you want to get a text/sms, set up a geofence and instead of an email, put your phone number, "ie: 9095551212@txt.att.net (use the email for your carrier). then you will get a text. I do that for geofences.