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What is the difference between the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) store app and the desktop app?

The desktop app is a version for Windows 10 computers, which runs in a Windows service. This version is only available for download on this website and not available on Microsoft store. Since it runs in a Windows service, it offers the following advantages over the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) store app.
  • Track interval can be set to a minimum of 1 minute while the UWP app's minimum is 15 minutes.
  • The desktop app can wake up a Windows device from sleep mode to record location. The UWP app cannot wake up from sleep mode and it can only track when not in sleep. Note the desktop app cannot wake up from hibernation mode.
  • The desktop app runs regardless a user has signed in or not. The UWP app only tracks when a user has signed in.
  • The desktop app can be installed in an administrator account and run in other Windows account. The UWP app can only run under the same user account that has installed the app.
  • When you install the desktop app, you can change the installation folder. You can remove the application shortcut on the start menu to make the app less obvious.
However, the Universal Windows Platform is a newer platform and the UWP app has more modern features.
  • With push notification, you can force a location update on the map page for your UWP app. Push notification is not available for desktop app. If your target Windows 10 device supports modern standby, this push notification can wake up the sleep mode and force a location update.
  • You can download the UWP app from Windows store. When the app is opened for the very first time, it requests various device permissions. The app can be updated automatically when a new version is available. These features are not available for desktop app and you need to update the app manually.

How do I enable required permissions for the Windows 10 app?
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