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What is a delegate account?

By adding other FollowMee account as your delegating account, you allow this account holder to view your device location without having to expose your account credential. This is different from location sharing, where all internet users can view your shared location. Only the delegating account that you have added can view your location. You can add a delegating account in you account page. You can delegate all devices, or groups of devices.

Business users can delegate the main account to a view-only account, where this account holder can only view location, but cannot set up app, or modify information of the main account. With device group, you can set up accounts with different access to their devices. For example, you have set up a main account to set up all your devices. You can group your devices by function and delegate the group devices to the group account. The group managers uses their group accounts to view their devices, with no access to other group devices, or the main account.

Even though delegate account enables location sharing with limited users, you should use the same account if you have multiple devices to track.

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