How to use I use this FollowMee app for time tracking purpose?

You can use this app to track your time. This app has a start/stop button and you can use it as the check-in/check-out button. When you arrive at your location, you can open this app and press the start button. The app records your start time and starts to track your location according to your configured interval. At the end of the day, you can press the stop button to check-out. The app records your stop time.

If you need a location update at check-out time, you can enable the app setting "force location when press stop button". This setting will force the app to update location when you press the stop button.

You can download your report on the map page of the full web site (not available on mobile site). Select the csv format (for loading in Excel), and check option "include tracker status" to include the start/stop timestamps in the report. Check option "include mileage" if needed. If you are Convert Coordinates to Address subscriber, the report will include address information, in additions to the position coordinates. If you want us to send the report daily, you can sign up for service Email Report.

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