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Temporary Share / Access
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Posted: 2022-09-02 12:39:25 PM

>>> Not "Temporarily Hide" my device <<<

I''m using Followmee because my wife and I have android/apple, just want to "meet up" at the mall or picnic ... google maps is clunky. Followmee works GREAT! Keep on 100% of time.

Yes, we can share our Followmee access with a third party; a neighbor, or my nephew; that is meeting us at the picnic ... but can we do that with a *TEMPORARY* access code. Just tonight, just once, just the next couple hours? Then stop access.

I don''t want to "hide my phone" (until the end of time). Nor for my neighbor to track me forever, once I give them the public code.

I just want to be able to "Temporarily Share" my wife & I Followmee location ... with a third party, (thru public webpage?) then have that permission expire.

I cant seem to find "temporary share", the opposite of "temporary hide".