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great program for any windows phone
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Posted: 2017-01-16 01:25:22 AM

Right now I am on my Microsoft Computer in a phone the Nokia Lumia 950. In the past I have own several different models of Lumia and have always installed Followmee right after setting up Computer Desktop, Laptop or Phone. Being a devoted user of Microsoft I bought my first the Lumia 920 right off. called it my work horse phone. I was sad when Microsoft sold Nokia but change my mind quick when discovering the Lumia 950 Computer in a phone. Excited about the updates Microsoft will be adding to this all purpose phone.
Back to this forum''s subject matter, Followmee has always work just like it is suppose to. Every Desktop, Laptop and phone I have own or set up for family Followmee was installed with no complaints yet.
I guess I am sorry that readers of my posting will not find how to fix their problem. That is unless you are running Android or Blackberry then my advise or help would be Buy A Microsoft.
I assure that I am a long time customer, since 1987, of Microsoft and not a company agent.
May your trails always be happy with a Lumia. MR Lester