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Identity challenge
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Posted: 2016-12-29 02:18:30 PM

For some purposes it is necessary to know not only the location of the device, but also that the device is in the possession of the person to whom it is registered (for example, for tracking individuals for tax compliance purposes, or to monitor the location and safety of a child when a parent is using it for that purpose). Could the app issue identity challenges, or record successful completion of identity challenges issued by the OS or other apps?

For example, the app could, at user specified intervals, sound an alert and request a fingerprint, the phone''s unlock code, a selfie, or some other uniquely identifying information.

Or, each time the phone is unlocked with a fingerprint or code, the app could passively record that fact in the background without disturbing the user.


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Posted: 2018-08-18 06:17:35 PM

This is actually an important part of using the app and I would also like to see some form of identity verification option added.

It’s invaluable in situations where you’re keeping track of yourself and need definitive proof of your location for residency status. Current history reports are good but being able to tie the report to a specific identity via fingerprint is the best.

Adding a fingerprint ''stamp'' that you can use when crossing state line or entering your home in conjunction with the location history would be very helpful.

(This combined with geofencing might even be beneficial for law enforcement or parole officers who are keeping track of parolees, opening up a big potential marketplace for the app - just say''n.)


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Posted: 2018-08-21 11:02:51 AM

Yes to this; it''s the same as the check-in suggest I had made earlier on the forums. Some form of challenge where the user has to prove ID while the app is running.

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Posted: 2018-08-21 07:26:49 PM

I like followmee because it does not consume much resources, battery, bandwidth, cpu, etc.. It does its job very well. If features are added I would hope the amount of resources consumed remain the same and if a feature is added its able to be enabled or disabled in its settings.


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Posted: 2019-01-18 11:37:41 AM

Looking back on this I still think this is an excellent request. ID challenge w/ photo, touch ID, etc., And the option to make it a bit random - that is, the user is prompted either remotely or at random.