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How do I configure the app settings through MDM for the Windows app?

The following uses Intune as an example to show how to add the FollowMee UWP store app for Windows to your MDM and configure the login token. Please note that you cannot use Intune to deploy the desktop app. See this FAQ for how to perform unattended installation of the desktop app.

For iOS and Android, the procedure is quite different. See this link for details.

Add the FollowMee app to MDM
  1. Login to Microsoft Intune dashboard.
  2. In the left side navigation menu, select Apps -> All Apps -> Add.
  3. In app type, select "Microsoft store app".
  4. Fill in the app information. For the appstore URL, use "".
  5. Add user group to the assignment.
  6. Review and create the app.
Add the app configuration policy
  1. After login to Intune dashboard, select Devices -> All devices -> Create profile.
  2. Select "Windows 10 and later" for Platform; "Templates" for Profile type; "Custom" for Template name.
  3. Fill in Name.
  4. Under Configuration settings, click "Add" button.
  5. For OMA-URI, use

    For Value, fill in your login token shown on your account page.
  6. Add user group to the assignment.
  7. Review and create.

How do I configure the app settings through MDM?
What is login token? Can I have my users to install and set up this GPS tracker app with my FollowMee account, without knowing my account password?
How do I install the desktop app with command prompt?

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