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Why I have this error message: Location service is denied for this application?

When FollowMee is first started, the iOS device prompts you for permission of using location service for the GPS tracking app. You need to grant the permission, FollowMee relies on device's location service for location tracking. If you don't grant permission, FollowMee will not be able to run normally. To grant permission, you can go to Home -> Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Enable "always" for FollowMee.

Location service must be set to "always". Otherwise the app will fail. To alert you when this setting is disabled, enable option "Email me when location service or other critical setting is disabled in tracked device" on your account page.

In iOS 13 or newer, the device will prompt up this notification periodically. This is Apple's reminder of the background tracking. Currently there is no method to suppress this notification. Use Apple's feedback web site if you want to send a feedback to Apple.

What iOS settings do I set to allow the app to track in the background?
Does this GPS tracker app continue to run if Background App Refresh is disabled in my iOS device?

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