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How can I embed the map of my shared location to my web site?

Regular users can only embed map of static location. To start, Go to your map page (not available in mobile site) and select your device. Click on the "Share My Location" button. In the next page, select the "Static" option and fill in the remaining options. In the final page, you will be presented with the instruction of how to embed your static location.

If you are Web Service API subscriber, you can embed map of dynamic (live) location. You can access to this function through the "Share My Location" button in your map page or through the same button in your account page . If you subscribe for one device, you can only embed map for this device. If you subscribe for multiple devices, you can embed map for these covered devices. Account level subscriber can embed map for all your devices.

Embedded map can be done through iframe or Javascript. Iframe is the most simple method and it works in most web sites, like Wordpress and Facebook. The Javascript method produces a more robust map. But it is much more complex and is more suited for power user. Instruction for both methods will be presented in the final page of the sharing process.

Please note that the location sharing function is only available in the full web site, and not available in the mobile site.

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