Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this GPS tracker app for business use?

The FollowMee service is optimized for business use. Use the following steps to set up your service.

1. If you don't have FollowMee account, register your account in the login page.
2. Install the free FollowMee GPS tracking app to your target devices. You can download the app in the app page.
3. Set up the app with your FollowMee account. You can use one account for multiple devices.
4. If you need your users to install the app themselves and you don't want to disclose your account info, use a login token.
5. Adjust additional app settings, like track interval, forced update interval etc.
6. Once the app is running in your target devices, you can monitor them on you map page.
7. Purchase your upgrade on the service page. We provide Basic Service, and other premium services.

How to track my employees, or my company mobile devices?
How much does the FollowMee service cost?
How do I configure the app settings through MDM?

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