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Does this GPS tracker app continue to run if Background App Refresh is disabled in my iOS device?

Yes. However, you should have this setting enabled to ensure reliable tracking. To enable this setting, go to Home -> Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. Please note that in iOS 8, this tracker app is not in the background app list. In this case, you just need to turn on Background App Refresh.

When Background App Refresh is disabled, this GPS tracking app is running under the following limitations:
  • The app cannot restart itself if it is forced terminated
  • The app cannot run with track interval less than 10 minutes
  • The app will have much less time to obtain GPS fix, resulting in less accurate location
  • When the device restarts, the app does not restart itself until user unlocks the device screen. If you have this setting enabled, the app can restart itself even before user unlocks the device screen (after a cell tower switch precisely)
What iOS settings do I set to allow the app to track in the background?
Why I have this error message: Location service is denied for this application?

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