Frequently Asked Questions

What is account level subscription?

When you subscribe our services, you can pay for certain devices (device level) or all devices (account level). If your account has only a few devices, you should use the device level subscription where you can select one or more devices for the services.

If you have ten or more devices, you should use the account level subscription. Under this option, all devices are covered by the paid services. All new devices added in the future will be automatically enrolled in these services. This option eliminates your burden of managing the services on the device level, like adding the services for any new devices, or transferring the services from old device to new one. You also have volume discount. The volume discount increases with your device count.

First, select your required services on the services page.

Second, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Subscribe" button.

Third, select the account level option.

Fourth, select or enter your device count. Then select the monthly or annual option. You can use either Paypal or credit card for payment. Clicking one of the buttons will direct you to the payment page.

If your device count grows to exceed your subscription plan, you can pay for a larger device count on your account page.

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