How to convert a phone to a full-time vehicle tracking device?

The "full-time vehicle tracking device" is a setting for the FollowMee mobile app. When enabled, it turns your phone to a dedicated vehicle tracker. To enable this setting, open the FollowMee app in your tracked device and go to the settings screen.

The GPS tracking app tracks only when the vehicle is driven. When the car is parked, the GPS tracker falls into standby mode. In this way, you won't miss a single location when the car is moving. And you won't waste the phone battery when the car is stopped. To do it, you need a phone and a car charger. Install the GPS tracker app to the phone and place the phone in the vehicle. Keep the phone plugged-in to the car power outlet. When the set up is done, you leave the phone in the car with the charger attached. When the car is started and driven, the charger powers the phone and the GPS tracking app wakes up to start tracking the car location*. The battery is also being charged to keep the battery level full. When the car is stopped and parked, the charger stops powering the phone. The GPS tracker app enters into standby mode and tracking is stopped. In this standby mode, battery usage is kept to its minimal. It remains in standby until the car is driven again.

Please note that for some vehicles, the power outlet remains powered even when the vehicle is parked. In this case, this GPS tracker app will remain tracking.

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