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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I temporarily hide a device on the embedded map?

Your embedded map shows location of several of your devices. If you want to temporarily hide one device, you can do so in your account page. Press the hide link next to the device that you want to hide. When you are ready to show it, click the unhide link.

There is another way to hide/show your device. Your phone user can control it from this FollowMee app by using the stop/start button. This approach requires changing your iframe or javascript string in your web page. If you are using the iframe to embed the map, search for the iframe src string. For javascript embedding, search for the _url string. Append "&trackerstate=1" (without quote) to the end of the required string. See example below. This string sets up a filter that lists devices in the tracking state. When the stop button is pressed and the app is stopped, the filter excludes this device. When this user is ready to show it again, he presses the start button. The filter will include this device and shows it on the embedded map. Please note that the map might take one minute to refresh the changed state.

Iframe src string
Javascript _url string
_url = ";

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