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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the device name as appeared on the map page?

You can rename your device in your account page of the full web site (not available in the mobile site). Click the "change" link next to your device name. Sometimes, the default device name is not descriptive. For example, most iPhones are labeled as "iPhone" and you have trouble distinguishing them. This gets worse when you have multiple iPhones in your account. To solve this problem, access the affected device and open the FollowMee app settings. Change the Device Name value. This will force the name update on the web site. But this process only works if you have not used the "change" link to rename your device. If you have already done so, the server has flagged this name and does not allow this process to overwrite your name. If you want to use this process to update the name, you need to contact us to reset this flag.

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