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Troubleshooting No Location Update Problem

The FollowMee mobile app tracks autonomously in your device. It records location and updates to the map page of the FollowMee web site. If you don't see location update, follow the steps to troubleshoot.

Is the FollowMee mobile app still installed and running?

Make sure that the app is still installed in your tracked device and in tracking state. If the app is in stopped state, you need to press the start button to bring the app to the tracking state.

Is location service enabled?

Location service is required in the tracked device. For iOS device, go to Settings -> FollowMee and set location to "always". For Android, go to Settings -> Location and set location to "high accuracy".

Is cellular data service available?

Internt connection is required for the app to update the map. If connection is not available, the app saves data to the phone storage. It will only update the map when connection resumes.

Other issues

  • Is the tracked device stationary? The app only updates when there is a location change.
  • Is date/time or time zone not correctly set in the tracked device? If this happens, the app will not update the map properly.
  • Do you accidentally enable full-time vehicle tracking setting? This setting requires the tracked device connected to a car charger all the time. If you carry the phone with you, you should disable this setting.
  • Do you accidentally enable tracking schedule? If so, the app only tracks within your schedule.
  • Is the tracked device powered off completely? The app does not run if the device is powered off.

iOS related issues

To improve performance, the following settings should be enabled, besides above-mentioned location service.
  • Motion & Fitness
  • Background App Refresh
  • Use Cellular Data

Android related issues

If you still need help, you can send the log file to us and we can investigate for you. To send the log file, open the app in your tracked device. Touch the Menu button and select "Send Log File to Support". You should also email us and explain your problem.
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