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How to run FollowMee GPS Tracker app (desktop app) in a Windows computer?

When you first run the location tracker app, you are required to create an account with us if you don't already have one. Pressing the Start button on the app main screen will lead to a link to the registration page. Enter your User Name, Password, Email for your registration. After registration, you need to return to the app and enter your User Name and Password. Press the Continue button and the location tracker app begins to track.

As the location tracker app starts to run, wait a few seconds to make sure that there is no error message. The most frequent errors you might encounter include:

- This User Name does not exists. You have used an User Name that you have not registered with us. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen and following the registration link to register your account.
- Either User Name or Password is not correct. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen to re-type the correct credential.
- The location tracker app cannot connect to the server. To solve this problem, make sure that the device has internet connection.
- Location provider is not found in your device. For Windows 7 device, an internal or external GPS is required to run this app.
- For other problems, please go to FAQ page.

As the location tracker app is running normally, you can safely minimize the app. The location tracker app will wake up per your configured interval to obtain and update location. The location tracker app continues to run until you press the Stop button. The location tracker app continues to run after the device is rebooted.

To customize settings, press the Settings button. Explanation for each setting as follows:

User Name
User Name that is registered with If you want to track multiple devices under the same account, use the user name and password for this account

Password that is registered with

Track Interval
Interval (in minutes) in which the location tracker app will wake up to track location.

Power Saving Mode
  • Update New Location Only - Only location change is obtained and uploaded to the server. This choice conserves device battery.
  • Update All Location - All location, either same location or new location, is obtained and uploaded. This choice uses more device battery.
GPS Timeout
The maximum time (in seconds) that GPS is turned on to search satellites. As soon as satellites are located, GPS is turned off and location is recorded. If this length of time has passed and satellites cannot be located, GPS is turned off and no location is recorded. The bigger value for this setting, the more likely location can be found. But it will drain more battery.

Forced Update Interval
The tracker app only uploads new location to the server. If the device is in station for extended period of time, it might create confusion that the GPS tracker app has stopped. This setting allows you to set an interval for the GPS tracker app to report location regardless of location change. The default value is 24 hours.

Prevent From Sleeping
When your Windows computer sleeps, this tracker app stops tracking. Enable this setting to prevent the Windows computer from sleeping. Please note that when this setting is enabled, the computer screen might still turn off.

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