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How to run the GPS tracking app in an Android phone?

If you don't have a FollowMee account, you are required to register for one. Open the app and press the Start button. Select the registration option. If you already have an account, you can fill in your user name and password. If you have multiple devices to track, you can use the same account for each device. In this way, all your devices will appear on the same map.

The most frequent errors you might encounter include:

- This User Name does not exists. You have used an User Name that you have not registered with us. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen and following the registration link to register your account.
- Either User Name or Password is not correct. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen to re-type the correct credential.
- Location service is not enabled. You need to go to the phone setting to set the location to "high accuracy". See this FAQ for details.
- This app is not excluded for battery optimization and as a result, the app does not track. See this FAQ for details.
- For other problems, please go to FAQ page.

To customize settings, press the Settings button. Explanation for each setting as follows:

User Name
User Name that is registered with If you want to track multiple devices under the same account, use the user name and password for this account

Password that is registered with

Login Token
If you need your users to install and set up the GPS tracker app in their devices and you cannot disclose your account info, the Login Token is your solution. This is a 12-character long string that linked to your account info. When your users enter it to the GPS tracker app setting, it sets up the app with your account user name and password. In this way, your users can set up the GPS tracker app without knowing your account password.

Lock Screen
Enabling this setting locks the app screen with your FollowMee account password or your 5-digit passcode. The app cannot be opened without the correct passcode.

Track Interval
Interval (in minutes) in which GPS will be turned on to track location.

Track Schedule
Enable schedule to control when to start and stop tracking. Weekday and weekend schedules are provided. When enabled, the default start time is 8:00 AM and stop time is 5:00 PM. To set all day tracking, use 12:00 AM for start time and 11:59 PM for end time. To disable tracking, use the same time for both start time and stop time, for exmple, 12:00 AM for start time and 12:00 AM for end time.

You can set the start time to evening time and stop time to morning time, like 10:00 PM for start time and 7:00 AM for stop time. The GPS tracking app will start to track in the evening and continue till the morning time of the next day.

Primary Usage
  • Vehicle tracking device - This setting turns your phone to a dedicated vehicle tracker. FollowMee tracks only when the vehicle is driven (or the phone is charged). Otherwise, FollowMee is in standby mode to conserve battery. To do it, simply place your phone in the vehicle and keep it plugged-in to the car power outlet. For more details, visit FAQ - What is Vehicle Tracking Device.
  • Tracking cell phone - this setting turns your phone back to a cell phone which FollowMee tracks all the time, regardless whether the phone is charged or not. Configure Power Saving Mode to optimize battery usage if this setting is selected.

Power Saving Mode
Please note that this setting is not used when vehicle tracking device is enabled. The GPS tracker app relies on GPS for positioning and GPS consumes a lot of battery power. Power Saving Mode is a setting to minimize GPS usage and therefore save battery power. When track interval is due, the GPS tracker app uses cell tower switch to detect if the device is still at the same place. If there is NO cell tower switch, the previously obtained location is considered current location and the app will not turn on GPS. If there is cell tower switch, the GPS tracker app will turn on GPS for a more accurate location scan.
  • High setting (app default value) ensures the most power saving. It does not turn on GPS until there are two or more cell tower switches. This setting is perfect for driving great distance (5 miles or more). While High setting conserves battery, it might be less sensitive to detect new location. If you find out that FollowMee often fails to track new locations, you should adjust this setting lower.
  • Medium setting has modest power saving. It does not turn on GPS until there is one cell tower switch. This setting is good for driving moderate distance (5 miles or less)
  • Low setting always turns on GPS at track interval. Because it does not minimize GPS use, you should increase track interval or decrease GPS timeout to conserve battery. This setting is good for tracking small distance, like hiking, running, or cycling
Port number that FollowMee uses to upload location data to FollowMee server.

GPS Timeout
The maximum time (in seconds) that GPS is turned on to search satellites. As soon as satellites are located, GPS is turned off and location is recorded. If this length of time has passed and satellites cannot be located, GPS is turned off and no location is recorded. The bigger value for this setting, the more likely location can be found. But it will drain more battery.

Forced Update Interval
The GPS tracker app only uploads new location to the server. If the device is in station for extended period of time, it might create confusion that the GPS tracker app has stopped. This setting allows you to set an interval for the GPS tracker app to report location regardless of location change. The default value is 24 hours.

Force Location When Stop
When the stop button is pressed, the app will force a location update before it stops tracking.

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