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Premium Services Are Available
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Posted: 2014-09-18 08:54:13 PM

We are releasing the following 3 premium services. These are paid subscription and you can request a free trial in your account page.

API - Web Service API feeds location data to your own application or web page. It returns data in JSON or KML format. The API functions include current location, location history for your devices. With this API service, it is possible to embed map of all devices in your web site.

Address in Data Download - Subscribe to this service if you want to include physical address in the data download. The reverse geocoding provider is OpenStreetMap and the address might not include street number.

Advanced Auto Refresh - The regular auto refresh function on the map page times out after 30 minutes. If you require this function for your business, you should subscribe for this service. Advanced auto refresh allows you to set the refresh interval and it continues to refresh itself for hours. Better yet, you can auto refresh the all-device view if the service is subscribed to cover all your devices.

KML Overlay - Allows you to overlay your custom KML layer to the breadcrumbs in the map page. It visually integrates your actual breadcrumbs with your planned route, or other layout of interest. The overlay function accepts an URL for a KML or KMZ file. You need to host your KML/KMZ file in the cloud, or other network accessible location.



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Posted: 2016-04-21 09:34:10 AM

Why can i see the kml Overlay track ? DMG Forums 3.2