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Car tracker setting not accurate?
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Posted: 2018-09-19 03:41:18 PM


I am using an old iphone 4s set as car tracking mode. the phone is hard wired into my car cigarette port so it only charges when driving.

In the iPhone I have all the correct settings as described by the app FAQ. I leave the app open and it is set to tracking.

I''ve driven home and for some reason the latest track was not outside my house it was about 10 minutes before I arrived home.

Why does it not show the latest track when I arrived home? My car was still running and charging the phone when it sent the last location.

I have the free version, tracking power is set to medium and I have also enabled send last location before force stop, don''t know if this makes a difference?


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Posted: 2018-09-19 10:01:14 PM

Your 4s is too old. It does not have the motion chip and therefore you cannot set the tracking power to high. The solution is to use another app of ours. This is customized app for another company but it behaves the same as the original version of the FollowMee app. This is the link for the app download.

This version does not require the motion sensor and it should work with your 4s. DMG Forums 3.2