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Recent Changes
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Best of the Best

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Posted: 2017-02-06 10:13:12 PM

Based on popular user requests, we have added the following changes.

1. You might have noticed a new grey pin on your map. If you have pressed the stop button on the gps tracker app, the location pin for this device will be in grey. If the tracker app is still running, it will still show the usual green color. This new color should make it easy to spot a stopped device. For the legend page, see the following link.

2. If you need to mark down some interested location on the map, you can do so now. You can insert a marker by right clicking the map. You can add a label by right clicking the marker. This function only works with a mouse and does not work with touch based device. For details, see this link.

3. Previous versions of the gps tracker app only allow tracking schedule that the start time is earlier than the stop time. The current version removes this restriction and allows tracking schedule to start from the evening and stop in the morning of the next day. This should benefit users with the need of "night shift" tracking.

Thank you all for the input and suggestion!



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Posted: 2017-02-23 03:04:01 PM

Great additions!! Thank so much! DMG Forums 3.2