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Frequently Asked Questions

What premium services do you provide?

Currently the following premium services are provided. These are paid subscription and you can request a free trial in your account page.
  • Show Visit/Stop Info - You can view visit/stop information of your tracked device. This includes the length of time for the visit, and its start/end time. The information is available on the history view of the map, after clicking the "Show Visit/Stop" button. It is also included in the downloaded report or emailed report.
  • Remote Control - With Remote Control, you can stop/restart your tracker app in this web site. You can also change app settings remotely. You no longer need to access the physical device for this purpose. Select your settings and push them to your device. This service is available only in iOS and Android.
  • Web Service API - Web Service API feeds location data to your own application or web page. It returns data in JSON or KML format. The API functions include current location, location history for your devices. With this API service, it is possible to share location of multiple devices, or embed map of your live location in your web site.
  • Convert Coordinates to Address - Subscribe to this service if you want to include physical address in the data download. The reverse geocoding provider is OpenStreetMap and the address might not include street number.
  • Auto Refresh Map - this service allows the map page to auto refresh current location of your target devices. You just set an interval and watch the map refresh itself automatically. Better yet, you can auto refresh the all-device view if you subscribe this service on account level.
  • Email Report - We will send you the raw location data (csv format) daily or weekly. This service will release yourself from downloading the data manually. Specify your email address and report frequency on the next screen. For daily report, previous day's data is emailed to you at 6:00 am (your local time) everyday. For weekly report, previous week's data (Sunday through Saturday) is emailed at 6:00 am every Sunday. If you need custom report, contact us and we can set it up for a small one-time fee
  • No Update Notification - If you cannot afford any missing location data, you should sign up for this service. When the GPS tracker stops updating location for over 24 hours, we will notify you by email. There are a lot of reasons that the GPS tracker app might stops working. The users have uninstalled the app; the users have disabled the device location service; or the app malfunctions. When the app has stopped for 24 hours, we will email you.
  • KML Overlay - This allows you to overlay your custom KML layer to the breadcrumbs in the map page. It visually integrates your actual breadcrumbs with your planned route, or other layout of interest. The overlay function accepts an URL for a KML or KMZ file. You need to host your KML/KMZ file in the cloud, or other network accessible location.
  • Download All Device Data - This allows you to download data for all devices in your account at one time. Just click the all device view and click the download button to download all your data. This service saves your time if you have a lot of devices. Without this service, you can only download data one device at a time.
  • Extended History - This web site offers limited history for your location data. For longer history, you can subscribe to Extended History. We offer various plans ranged from 14-day to 3-year.
  • Account Level Geofence - Account level geofence monitors all your devices in your account. You only set up once and it applies to all your devices. This compares with our regular geofence, which needs to be set up for each device. If all your devices use the same geofence, you should sign up for this service. This service is only available for account level subscription.
  • Additional Geofences - Geofencing sends you notification email when your tracked device enter and/or exit the predefined perimeter. You can set up 2 geofences per each device for free. If you need more geofences, you can sign up for service Additional Geofences. You can add up to 8 additional geofences.

How do I use this GPS tracker app for business use?

Contact us if you have any questions.
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