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Frequently Asked Questions

I replace my device. How can I transfer the license to my new device?

If you purchase this GPS tracker app for your iOS device in Apple app store, Apple allows you to download the same app to your new iOS device for free. If you purchase the license in our web site, or through in-app purchase inside the app, you can follow the following procedure to transfer the license.

1. Install the free/trial GPS tracker app in your new device.
2. Uninstall the GPS tracker app in your old device if you still have access to it.
3. Remove your old device in your account page.
4. If your old device has subscribed premium service, you have an option to transfer the license and service to another device. If you take this option, your transfer is done.
5. Click the "License Code" link in the top of the account page, and you can apply the code to another device.

Please note that deluxe license is transferable across different platform while standard license is only transferable within the same platform. Each license can only be transferred three times at most.

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