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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Saving Mode?

The GPS tracker app relies on GPS for positioning and GPS consumes a lot of battery power. Power Saving Mode is a setting to minimize GPS usage and therefore save battery power. When track interval is due, this GPS tracker app uses cell tower switch to detect if the device is still at the same place. If there is NO cell tower switch, the previously obtained location is considered current location and the app will not turn on GPS. If there is cell tower switch, the app will turn on GPS for a more accurate location scan.
  • High setting (app default value) ensures the most power saving. It does not turn on GPS until there are two or more cell tower switches. This setting is perfect for driving great distance (5 miles or more). While High setting conserves battery, it might be less sensitive to detect new location. If you find out that FollowMee often fails to track new locations, you should adjust this setting lower.
  • Medium setting has modest power saving. It does not turn on GPS until there is one cell tower switch. This setting is good for driving moderate distance (5 miles or less)
  • Low setting always turns on GPS at track interval. Because it does not minimize GPS use, you should increase track interval or decrease GPS timeout to conserve battery. This setting is good for tracking small distance, like hiking, running, or cycling

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