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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I have this error message: Location service is denied for this application?

When FollowMee is first started, the iOS device prompts you for permission of using location service for the GPS tracking app. You need to grant the permission, FollowMee relies on device's location service for location tracking. If you don't grant permission, FollowMee will not be able to run normally. To grant permission, you can go to Home -> Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. There, you can enable location service for FollowMee.

In current version of iOS, the device asks for this permission again two days after you have started this GPS tracker app. You need to grant this permission again. If this second request is rejected, you can still enable it in the device settings (see above). After that, the iOS device will not prompt again. Please note that this second prompt is an iOS behavior and there is no known method to suppress it.

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