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Frequently Asked Questions

I have enabled stealth mode for the Android GPS tracker app but it still shows up in my installed app list of Google Play?

For easy install of the stealth app, the stealth app shares the same package name as the normal app. Because of this, the FollowMee stealth app might still show up in the installed app list. To fix this problem, go to Google Play, then My Apps, locate FollowMee and uninstall it. Then install this stealth app from the following link.
Download stealth tracker app for Android

Once you have this version of stealth app installed, you open the web browser in this device and login to your account page. There is a link at the bottom to open this stealth app. Once it opens, you can press the start button and proceed with setting up the app. When the app is running, you can dial the secret code to open it.

How do I enable stealth mode for my Android device?
How can I make the app invisible in my iOS device?

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