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Frequently Asked Questions

This GPS tracking app does not track in background in my Android device. How do I fix it?

This problem happens in Huawei devices. This GPS tracking app only tracks when the app is in foreground. Once in background, the app stops. Huawei requires you to explicitly allow the app working in background. To opt-in this option, go to Settings -> Protected App and select the FollowMee app (or System Service if you are running the stealth mode).

This problem also happens in some Xiaomi devices. To fix it, go to Device settings -> Additional settings -> Battery & performance -> Manage apps battery usage -> Power saving mode. Turn this setting off.

For One Plus phone, go to Device settings -> Apps. Touch the configure icon on top of the screen. This enters to screen 'Configure apps'. You need to change the following three settings in this screen.
  • Go to Special Access -> Battery Optimization. Make sure it is not optimized.
  • Go to Special Access -> Unrestricted Data Access. Make sure it is enabled for the FollowMee app (or System Service for the stealth mode).
  • Go to Apps Auto-Launch. Make sure this setting is enabled. Allow auto-launch apps for the FollowMee app (or System Service for the stealth mode).
For other Android phones, you should check similar settings.

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